CCERA hosts visit from Canada Wide Science Fair participant

Jarek Osika, a 14-year-old participant in the Canada Wide Science Fair  visited the CCERA
facilities on May 16th, during the science fair.

We showed him around the facilities, and sent a CCERA hat and bumper stickers with him.

Jarek the Science Guy with the spectrometer.

Jarek the Science Guy with the spectrometer.

Jarek went on to win the Excellence in Astronomy award, sponsored by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for his project Exploring 1420 MHz. Jarek designed and built a small 21cm radio telescope for the project, and we’re happy to have inspired his work. Congratulations, Jarek!

Jarek and his family are from Flin Flon Manitoba, and in the future, we hope to collaborate with the local schools there as part of their emerging STEM program.