Lab/office move complete, UHF interferometer operational

Our lab/office has successful moved downstairs, to Suite 104. We’re still working on bringing back some data services, like the 21cm spectrometer feed.

IN the last week, we’ve had success in making our UHF “pathfinder” interferometer operational, at a frequency of 611MHz, with a baseline of 33.5m. A “first light” interferogram from Virgo A is shown below. Virgo A, also known as M87, is a super massive elliptical galaxy roughly 54M light-years from earth. It is very luminous, making it easy to “see” with CCERA’s modest instrumentation.

CCERA lab/office moves

We’re nearing completion of the move of our office/lab space one floor down, from suite 204 to suite 104. This was necessitated by some “reconfiguration” required by our landlord.

One side effect of this move is that we’ll not be providing the 21cm data products for a few days as we rebuild our IT environment.

The move *may* also have the desirable side-effect of reducing self-interference from our computers, since we’ll be both further away from the antenna, and also have another layer of *thick* concrete and terra-cotta block floor between our lab and the antennae on the roof.