CCERA makes protective masks for COVID-19 pandemic

We have taken advantage of part of our lab space to design and fabricate protective face-masks for our local community here in Smiths Falls. Part of our lab space has been converted into a “mask lab”, seen below.

Masks, including the filtration layer, are made from non-woven materials, included “up-cycled” materials normally used in other applications.

Typical materials are shown below, with a number of filter+liner segments ready to be sewn to the outer layers.

Here is a mask being made, with a custom “unicorn” stamp for a friend of CCERA.

The outer layer is a non-woven polypropylene fabric, often used to make inexpensive reusable shopping bags, but it also has excellent properties for reusable, washable, protective masks.

If you are interested in receiving a mask, they are available for a reasonable cost–please send an inquiry to